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Exploring Canada's Diverse Population

GoDirect’s tagline is “Liberating 10 million Canadians of grocery worries, and paving the path for happy memories, through a nation-wide network of micro-fulfilment centers”. We get this question alot that how do you size the Canadian online grocery market and why you are so bullish about its growth potential. Through this blog post, we intend to share the broad methodology of how we arrive at this  number, and how we leverage Canada’s demographic insights to strategically target a Total Addressable Market (TAM) of approximately 10 million Canadians. 
Canada, known for its vast landscapes and cultural diversity, boasts a population of approximately 40 million people as of recent estimates. This diverse demographic tapestry not only reflects Canada’s rich heritage but also underscores its status as a multicultural haven. Let’s delve into some key statistics that paint a vivid picture of Canada’s population landscape in 2021.

Landed Immigrants and Permanent Residents

A significant portion of Canada’s population comprises landed immigrants and Permanent Residents (PR), totaling around 23%, which translates to approximately 9.2 million individuals. This demographic includes individuals who have chosen Canada as their new home, contributing to the country’s economic and cultural fabric.

Religious Diversity

Religion plays a pivotal role in Canada’s cultural mosaic. Christianity remains the predominant faith, with adherents accounting for 53.3% of the population, totaling about 21.32 million people. Additionally, Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh communities collectively make up 9.3% of the population, reflecting Canada’s embrace of religious pluralism and tolerance.

Racialized Groups

Canada celebrates diversity through its racialized groups, which include South Asians (7.1%), Chinese Canadians (4.7%), Black Canadians (4.3%), and others (21.3%). This diversity enriches Canadian society, fostering a vibrant blend of cultures, traditions, and perspectives across the country.

South Asian Community

Within the broader racialized groups, the South Asian community comprises a significant segment, accounting for 7.1% of Canada’s population, approximately 2.84 million people. This community includes individuals of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, and other South Asian origins, each contributing distinct cultural heritage and traditions to Canada’s multicultural tapestry.

Immigration Patterns

Canada continues to attract immigrants from around the globe, with varying immigration waves shaping its demographic landscape. Notably, a substantial portion of the South Asian community immigrated to Canada between 2001 and 2021, with over 43.4% arriving during this period, illustrating Canada’s appeal as a destination for individuals seeking new opportunities and a better quality of life.

Educational Contributions

Canada also welcomes international students, who enrich its academic institutions and contribute to cultural diversity. In 2022, international students accounted for 2% of the population, approximately 807,750 individuals, highlighting Canada’s status as a top destination for quality education and cross-cultural exchange.

Linguistic Diversity

Languages spoken in Canada reflect its multicultural makeup. Among the South Asian community, English remains predominant (36.4%), followed by Punjabi (29.4%), Urdu (11.3%), Hindi (8.2%), Tamil (7.1%), and Gujarati (6.4%). These languages serve as bridges that connect communities and preserve cultural heritage within the Canadian mosaic.

Total Addressable Online Grocery Market

Based on the above stats and our extensive market research since 2018 when our founders first came to Canada and started their entrepreneurial exploration, the total addressable market (or TAM) for online groceries in Canada is about 10 million, which is the sum of:
a) all landed immigrants (now permanent  residents of Canada) which approximates to 4 million 
b) all international students who have enrolled in a Canadian college since 2020 (who haven’t become permanent residents yet or haven’t participated in a Canadian census study) which approximates to 2 million
c) Other Canadians who are digitally aware, are already on the online shopping adoption curve and have tried doing their grocery purchases through delivery platform like Instacart or online platforms of big-box retail companies like, and PC Express.  

Thank You

Through a network of micro-fulfilment centers strategically located across Canada, GoDirect is pioneering the digital transformation in the Canadian grocery space, which shall not only meets the diverse needs of its customers but also contributes to the national economy, food security, superior service standards, and a higher community happiness quotient.
As Canada continues to evolve demographically and economically, GoDirect remains committed to enhancing the grocery shopping experience, fostering convenience, and celebrating the cultural diversity that defines Canada. 


We wish to receive support and encouragement from readers like yourself. If you are a journalist, opinion leader, business leader, investor, or another budding entrepreneur, do think about GoDirect’s eGrocery revolution in the making. And if you do get impressed by it, write to us at and we would be happy to respond to your questions, suggestions and improvement areas.
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