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GoDirect - building Food security in Canada

Addressing Population Needs 🌍

Every startup is built to address one or more needs of a population cluster, a society, a nation or the world. This is typically set forth in the startups mission, vision, and values document. A startup’s market traction, popularity, success, and valuation are all outcomes depending upon how well the consumers (whether B2C or B2B) accept and embrace the offered products or services. When we started ideating GoDirect, one thing was crystal clear that we are building a platform that is going to positively impact (or even fundamentally change) the food and beverage ecosystem in Canada, and will potentially change the way grocery shopping happens in the country. And while we were laying the founding stones, we knew that food (or roti as it is commonly referred in Hindi) is going to be the fundamental pillar,  in addition to the other two supporting pillars i.e. clothing (kapda) and housing (makaan) at some point in its journey. Lets delve a bit on the first pillar i.e. food. Food when processed and packaged into durable plastic packs becomes a commodity which can be transported across  the globe and be available to consumers for a longer period of time. This food is then made available at various sales and distribution points in a food supply chain like distributors, wholesalers, retailers and eventually end consumers. Although all links in this supply chain have their unique role and importance, the last leg i.e. a consumer fulfilment points are perhaps the most important from a food security standpoint. Commonly known as retailers, these businesses are conveniently located within a population cluster to facilitate an efficient pickup, handover or delivery of food and beverage products with consumers. 

The Dark Store Model 🌑🏪

As part of the GoDirect’s operating model called the dark store or the micro-fulfilment model, we are becoming a custodian of this food that’s getting distributed in Canada. This model has been tried and tested by multiple successful startups across the world like BlinkIt, Zepto etc. However, this model is new to Canada which has relied on physical retail for decades, and pretty efficiently so. However, in the past 5 years, physical retail has suffered a few setbacks like shutting down of regional supermarket chains, Covid19, rising inflation, and more. We believe that dark store model has the potential to alleviate the grocery problems of at least 10mn Canadian and pave way for happy memories. The dark store model has been a paradigm shift for the geographies it has been implemented due to its 3 main benefits/advantages:


1) Availability 📦: a dark store is never planned singular, that’s not how the model works. It’s a network of dark stores in a population cluster say a city, a region, a province and eventually a country. What this ensures is that the packaged goods are scattered across multiple supply points strategically located so that they can be regularly replenished and at the same time, they can distribute the goods easily to the end consumers. Think of this as a lean, agile, efficient, technologically run, no customer walk-in supermarket with a fleet of local drivers/runners who go to consumers house rather than calling consumers to the center.  This leads to predictability, availability, debottlenecking, time and labor savings and a self-sufficient local economy.
2) Dollar Savings💰: a dark store model creates dollar savings at multiple fronts. One it leads to a highly curated product portfolio depending upon the customer base, their ethnicities, their food preferences and their delivery needs. Second, it leads to rental savings as dark stores don’t need high valued real estate. Third, it leads to labor savings as dark stores don’t need labor all the time for product supervision and customer service. Lastly, it leads to fuel savings as a bunch of orders are consolidated in one delivery run.
3) Convenience/Comfort🏡: the last and perhaps the most importance aspect about dark stores is the convenience they provide to residents who are relieve of their worry of stepping out of the house multiple times in a week, which gives them opportunity to focus on work, on personal life, leisure ultimately increasing the happiness quotient of the group.

A New Wave of Startups in Canada 🌊🇨🇦

Through this blog, we wish to convey that there is a new wave of startups being built in Canada by founders who have come to this country with a mission to challenge the status quo, implement tried and tested best practices from their home country, take risks which a normal citizen would not, work hard and smart, and bring a high level of customer service by building mass-consumption models with the hope that it leads to a prosperous Canada. These entrepreneurs are leveraging their unique perspectives, experiences, and dedication to innovation to create businesses that address critical needs and enhance the quality of life for Canadians. GoDirect is one such startup, founded by three immigrant entrepreneurs with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Our goal is to revolutionize the grocery shopping experience in Canada by making it more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone. We wish to receive support and encouragement from readers like yourself. If you are a journalist, opinion leader, business leader, investor, or another budding entrepreneur, consider the eGrocery revolution GoDirect is spearheading. Your support can help us achieve our mission of transforming the food and beverage ecosystem in Canada. 🌟🛒

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